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Dr. Graeme Collie     Assistant Professor

School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Institute of Mechanical, Process & Energy Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, UK


    Office: JN 3.04

    Phone: +44 (0) 131 451 3299

    Email: Graeme.Collie@fmcti.com






“Graeme is a biker who does a bit of research in his spare time”: is how my academic colleagues in the Centre for Innovation in Carbon Capture and Storage (CICCS) probably view me. When not dreaming of fast, exotic Italian motorcycles I set my mind to looking at the practicalities of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS). My particular interest is in determining what hardware will be required to transport CO2 in a supercritical state from the point of capture to the point of injection, to figure out how best to accurately measure the mass flowrate of this cargo fluid (in collaboration with Dr. Lin Chih-Wei) and to optimize the design of the wellhead equipment which will be used to control the flow of CO2 into the injection wells.

“What makes you think that you have the expertise required to do perform such a task?” I hear you ask. Well, I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Heriot-Watt in 1988, and returned to my alma mater in 2005 to complete my PhD, the subject matter of which lay part way between Mechanical Engineering and Metallurgy. Since 1988 I have worked in the oil industry. More specifically I have, ever since I first graduated, worked, as a Mechanical Engineer, for a company which designs, manufactures and installs wellhead equipment on oil and gas wells both on land and on the seabed.

In my role as Honorary Research Fellow with CICCS my first task is to review existing oil industry equipment with a view to performing a gap analysis: what is on the market that could immediately be used for CO2 injection, what could be modified or adapted to make it suitable for CO2 injection, what would need to be designed from scratch?

If you want to come and talk about bikes, (or even my research) I can be found in room JN 3.04. If I am not there I am likely to be in Café Brio quaffing a double espresso, or in Angola, where I still work part time for an Oil Service Company.

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