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Dr. Javier Fermoso     Research Associate

School of Engineering & Physical Sciences, Institute of Mechanical, Process & Energy Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, Riccarton, UK


    Office: JN1.27

    Phone: +44 (0)131 451 3874

    Email: J.Fermoso@hw.ac.uk

    Research Profile: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Javier_Fermoso






Dr Javier Fermoso is graduated in Chemical Engineering by the University of Salamanca (Spain) in 2003, and Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Oviedo (Spain) in 2009. He carried out his doctoral thesis at the National Institute of Coal, INCAR-CSIC in Oviedo (Spain) focused on the high-pressure co-gasification of coal and biomass for H2 production. In September 2010, he joined to the Catalysis Group at the Department of Chemical Engineering of the NTNU in Trondheim (Norway), where he worked on the sorption enhanced catalytic steam reforming/gasification of biomass derived compounds for high-purity H2 production (2010-2012). In October 2012, he joined to the Thermochemical Processes Unit at IMDEA Energy Institute, where he mostly worked on the catalytic/non-catalytic fast-pyrolysis of biomass for biofuels production at different scale reactors (2012-2016). In September 2016, he joined UKBRC (University of Edinburgh) as a Research Associate in biomass pyrolysis. Then, in December 2016, he joined Heriot-Watt University and CICCS as a Research Associate in bio-CCS to work in the project “Biomass Gasification with High Temperature CO2 Capture”.

He is co-author of more than 30 papers and 1 book chapter, as well as he has presented more than 48 communications in national and international conferences.

Research Interests:

His research expertise and interests include the following energy and engineering fields: Coal-biomass gasification; sorption enhanced steam reforming/gasification of biomass or biomass-derived compounds for H2 production; High-temperature CO2 capture with solid sorbents (CaO based materials); catalytic and non-catalytic biomass pyrolysis for biofuels production.

Recent Publications:

  1. Tomás-Pejó E, Fermoso J, Herrador E, Hernando H, Jiménez-Sánchez S, Ballesteros M, González-Fernández C, Serrano DP. Valorization of steam-exploded wheat straw through a biorefinery approach: Bioethanol and bio-oil co-production. Fuel 2017; 199:403-412.

  2. Fermoso J, Coronado JM, Serrano DP, Pizarro P, in: Microalgae-Based Biofuels and Bioproducts, Elsevier Ltd., 2017, pp. 259–282.

  3. Fermoso J, Pizarro P, Coronado JM, Serrano DP. Advanced biofuels production by upgrading of pyrolysis bio-oil. WIRES Energy and Environment 2017; In Press.

  4. Fermoso J, Hernando H, Jana P, Moreno I, Přech J, Ochoa-Hernández C, Pizarro P, Coronado JM, Čejka J, Serrano DP. Lamellar and pillared ZSM-5 zeolites modified with MgO and ZnO for catalytic fast-pyrolysis of eucalyptus woodchips. Catalysis Today 2016; 277:171-181.

  5. Hernando H, Jiménez-Sánchez S, Fermoso J, Pizarro P, Coronado JM, Serrano DP. Assessing biomass catalytic pyrolysis in terms of deoxygenation pathways and energy yields for the efficient production of advanced biofuels. Catalysis Science & Technology 2016; 6: 2829-2843.

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